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Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital is a leader in rehabilitation and treatment, including ventilator management and weaning, of adults and children with a variety of conditions including brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, wound care, ventilator dependency and other medically complex conditions. We pay close attention to the changing health care environment and continually respond with programs, resources and a continuum of care that meets emerging trends in rehabilitation and the needs of those who look to us for high quality, comprehensive services – our patients, families and medical providers who refer people to our care.


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Seamless Continuum of Care

Provides  a uniformly rewarding patient and family experience at every stage of inpatient treatment and beyond – from acute, sub-acute and skilled inpatient services to outpatient  therapies, residential services and community-based care.

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Expert Interdisciplinary Treatment Team

Combines best practices and innovative approaches with strong patient and family relationships to enhance healing.

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Patient-Centered Planning and Support

Begins upon admission and ensures that supports are in place for patients to successfully participate in home, work, school and favorite recreational activities upon discharge.

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Rehabilitative Therapies

At Crotched Mountain provides a full complement of therapies that encourage patients to challenge themselves in a fully-supported environment. And skills learned in formal therapy sessions are also woven into the fabric of daily life. Dressing, eating meals, socializing and recreation are all opportunities to reinforce new skills throughout the day.

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital's accreditation through DNV Healthcare, Inc. promotes a culture focused on achieving the highest standards of patient care through quality management and improvement systems that address patient safety and quality of services.

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FIM Scores

Brain injury and stroke can affect a person’s functioning in many ways, making it important to track the often complex healing process in a way that has meaning to the person in recovery, and to those involved in his or her care. At Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital, we use a tool called the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), which measures an individual’s functional independence across eighteen physical and cognitive categories—from comprehension to walking to social interaction to personal grooming.

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Cognitive Rehabilitation

Utilizes both group and individual therapy sessions to improve attention, memory, communication, executive, visual and information processing skills.

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Our Campus

Our campus provides a balanced and therapeutic treatment environment to promote healing and a support return to home and community for our patients.

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Meet Our Staff

Meet our caring, highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, psychologists and other rehabilitation specialists who work as an interdisciplinary team to optimize our patients’ wellbeing.

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