Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

Fim Score Chart 


Brain injury can affect a person’s functioning in many ways, making it important to track the often complex healing process in a way that has meaning to the person in recovery, and to those involved in his or her care. At Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital, we use a tool called the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), which measures an individual’s functional independence across eighteen physical and cognitive categories—from comprehension to walking to social interaction to personal grooming.


Each category is scored from one to seven—seven indicating “complete independence” and a score of one indicating “complete assist.” In general, a score of five or under in any category signals a need for some assistance. Crotched Mountain’s licensed clinicians administer the FIM a few days after a patient is admitted, again at various points during rehabilitation as needed, and at discharge. This allows the treatment team to measure progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary to address areas requiring increased attention.


About the FIM Chart

FIM score charts, like the one above, provide treatment teams, patients and families alike with a snapshot of the complex and labor-intensive process of healing. This sample illustration shows potential scores upon admission (blue), after eight weeks of rehabilitation (green), and upon discharge (pink). Progress and FIM charts can vary significantly from one patient to another.


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