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Through computers, people of all abilities can participate more fully in many aspects of life. Most activities such as shopping, paying bills, finding information, keeping in touch with family and friends are easier and less expensive to do on the Internet than in person or by phone. This is especially true for people whose mobility and function are limited. The Internet provides access to education, services, people, products, jobs and information that might otherwise be inaccessible. Today, if you can operate a computer, you can access the world.


Services and Specialties

For many people, computer access requires special hardware, software, and specialized devices to help with tasks such as typing, spelling, reading or using a mouse.


Our occupational therapists are expert at providing thorough, thoughtful evaluations to identify the computer hardware and software solutions that promote access to education, employment and social networking opportunities.

We offer a large variety of equipment and software for trial and training including:


  • iPads  and iPhones with over 600 iApps
  • Touch screens
  • Livescribe smart pens
  • Speech recognition software
  • On-screen keyboard programs
  • Joysticks
  • Eye-gaze technology
  • Headpointing technology
  • Screen readers
  • Smart boards
  • Graphic organizers
  • Talking word processors
  • Switch interfaces
  • Word prediction software and apps
  • Literacy tools


Reap the Benefits of Computer Access

Through evaluations, product demonstrations, training and technical support with our occupational therapists, individuals gain increased:


  • Access to the academic curriculum
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge
  • Vocational opportunities
  • Access to electronic communication such as email and video chat
  • Literacy skills
  • Access to leisure opportunities
  • Access to information and services


To request our computer access services, contact us at 603.226.2900 or  

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