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Choosing the right wheelchair and setting it up properly are key components in optimizing a person’s health and comfort as well as avoiding serious complications such as pressure ulcers. Our team of experienced occupational therapists and technicians evaluate and recommend the most appropriate power and manual wheelchairs and seating systems to meet each individual’s unique needs. And we develop long-term relationships with our clients that provide opportunities to address changes in medical, physical or living conditions as well as issues related to quality of life.


Services and Specialties

Our evaluation and recommendation process considers all types of power and manual wheelchairs and seating systems and uses the latest technologies, processes and customized services to help ensure success, including:


  • Custom seating and mobility solutions that meet postural support and pressure redistribution needs, as well as enabling users to complete their Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADL). 
  • High-tech pressure mapping to identify optimal surfaces for redistributing pressure, including cushions and mattresses, for those who have, or are at risk of developing, a pressure ulcer.
  • Modification and fabrication services to provide customized solutions when an individual’s needs are not fully met through existing commercial products.
  • Alternative drive controls for power mobility and for interfacing communication and environmental control technologies with wheelchair electronics to improve activities of daily living.
  • Specialized mounting to improve access to controls and devices.
  • Alternative positioning using devices such as standers and sidelyers to relieve postural fatigue and to improve skeletal alignment, bone density, respiration and digestion.
  • Car seat recommendations by Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) with specialization for Children with Special Needs.


Reap the Benefits of Our Mobility Services

Getting an evaluation and recommendation for wheelchairs and seating systems can provide a wide range of health benefits and improve quality of life. The right seating and wheeled mobility solution can:


  • Improve comfort, respiration, digestion, skin integrity and circulation
  • Prevent the development or exacerbation of deformities
  • Address issues related to muscle tone and range of motion
  • Enhance an individual's level of independent functioning
  • Promote acquisition of developmental milestones through independent mobility

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