Photography Club

Photo Club 


The Photography Club grew out of Courtney Bent’s residency in 2010; it now meets bi-weekly with hospital clients and students. We provide switch adapted cameras and specialty wheelchair camera mounts for those who need them. CM photographers learn to choose their subject matter, consider lighting, composition and the story that they want to convey. Through individual and group critiques, students hone their skills and create their unique vision of the world that can be shared with others. Where appropriate, computer skills are also taught for saving, storing and editing photographs.  


“Photography is the most accessible artistic medium for people with disabilities. No matter what your motor skills are, if you can see through a view finder and activate a switch, you can transform what you see in your mind’s eye into a work of art,” says David Kontak, a Crotched Mountain occupational therapist who worked on the project.


Student work is periodically shown in a photography exhibition and slide shows are offered for the CM community. Concord, NH Photographer, Geoff Forester is currently conducting Photography workshops with students and patients at CM. Geoff spent eight prize-winning years as photo editor of The Concord Monitor and seven years with more awards as a photo editor at The Boston Globe. He is now a fulltime freelance photographer in New Hampshire. 

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