Therapeutic Recreation

 Therapeutic Rec Fishing 


Recreational, sporting and leisure activities are integral to a well-rounded treatment or educational plan, and to a well-rounded and satisfying life. At Crotched Mountain, patients in the Specialty Hospital and students at Crotched Mountain School can ski, snowboard, kayak, hike, swim, fish, practice yoga, cook meals and more as part of their rehabilitation and educational programs.


Customized Activities for Maximum Benefit  

Whether our clients want try something new or resume an activity that they enjoyed, we adapt equipment and activities to make their recreation goals accessible, safe and fun. We begin with an individual assessment by a licensed, certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS/L) to determine current goals and interests, and to explore new recreational possibilities.


The assessment also identifies specific functional goals such as increased range of motion, balance, communication, executive function and socialization. Improvements are measured with new goals established as benchmarks are achieved. Whatever the activity, the benefits are evident –from new self-confidence and skill acquisition to social interaction and increased stamina, to overall improved health and quality of life.


Recreation in the Community

Our clients can continue to participate in accessible recreational activities once they return to their homes and communities. Our community-based program, Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports (CMARS), brings people with disabilities together with their family and friends in a variety of recreational and sporting activities. Learn more about CMARS.


Meet Our Staff

All therapeutic recreation programs for our patients, students and community members are developed and overseen by professionals who are licensed and certified therapeutic recreation specialists. Their knowledge and experience in assessing and developing high-quality programs with adaptations that meet each individual’s needs is unsurpassed.   



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