Academic Approach     

Engage and Learn!

Math, science, reading and writing – these are the staples of most academic programs. In this respect, Crotched Mountain School is like most other schools. It’s how we teach and make these subjects accessible to all students that makes us different. When biology is on the syllabus, students can learn by raising chickens and caring for farm animals. Vocational opportunities in our skills center can teach reading, math and working cooperatively with others. Learning about history becomes engaging when students reenact the Pony Express with therapy horses. Our students can tap trees for sap and make syrup, monitor the campus weather station, design web pages, dance, hike, act and also sit at a desk to complete their projects. In short, they engage and learn!


Academic Approach

Students who come to Crotched Mountain School enter a world of acceptance, personal attention, and unparalleled teaching excellence. Our individualized education and enrichment approaches help students with disabilities at levels pre-K-12 to reach their potential academically, behaviorally, socially and vocationally. Read more  


Focus Areas

We are committed to addressing areas of greatest need among our students and the community. Specialized focus areas include:




Transitions are important life events that happen formally, such as graduation, or in simple and profound ways, such as walking from homeroom to science class. Read more  


Assistive Technology

Crotched Mountain School's assistive technology experts are adept at assessing each student's strengths and challenges to determine how technology can support their goals. Read more    



For more information about how Crotched Mountain School helps students reach their full potential, please contact:

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