Preparing Students for Successful Transitions

Transitions are important life events that happen formally, such as graduation, or in simple and profound ways, such as walking from homeroom to science class. Life is full of these experiences and each may be accompanied by both excitement and stress. It takes a team to usher students through school life and into adulthood - people who can help students prepare for change, learn from the experience and celebrate success. And the professionals at Crotched Mountain School are dedicated to making each transition as smooth as possible.


Person-Centered Planning

From the moment students enter Crotched Mountain School, we begin preparing them for the day they will return to public school or transition to early adulthood by guiding them through their everyday transitions. And when students reach adolescence, we design a Person-Centered Plan that complements their IEPs and incorporates their unique strengths, talents and interests. We help identify and support our students goals for their future, with specific steps and structures put in place to achieve them.


Person-centered plans are developed collaboratively, with the student as the focal point. The team consists of the student, the student's family, the student’s Crotched Mountain School service coordinator, teaching professionals, learning specialists, therapists, the school district, representatives of community-based support services and other professionals as needed. Because our team members are on our campus, we meet regularly to adjust the Person-Centered Plan as our students learn, develop and grow.


Opportunities to Develop Real-World Skills

Whether students are transitioning to community-based settings, achieving a high school diploma, going to college or finding a job, there are special opportunities to develop necessary skills at Crotched Mountain. Students are provided with real-world experiences to help them learn about personal care, handling money, socializing, and other essential skills. A wide range of vocations are available for students to explore on our campus and in the community. And when it's time to reenter the community, we help students find jobs and places to live. Our goal is for every student to be welcomed as a valued member of his or her community – and to participate fully in life with dignity, respect and the right to make choices that determine his or her own future with the fewest restrictions possible.


A Partnership for Life

Our support doesn't end with graduation. Crotched Mountain School forms a lifelong alliance with our students and families. Our ongoing resources and services include:


  • Assistive technology access and training
  • Community care home-based services
  • Day programs
  • Home evaluations
  • Outpatient services, such as physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapies
  • Residential services on and off campus
  • Vocational programs
  • Wheelchair clinic

For more information about how Crotched Mountain School helps students reach their full potential, please contact:
Director of Admissions
603.547.3311 ext. 1894  

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