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Medical Care for Students with Disabilities

Crotched Mountain School's talented team of physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals bring a high level of expertise to treating students with unique medical needs. Our team, supervised by our chief medical officer, provides around-the-clock care for students through our on-campus health center, school nurse's office and Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital.


Health Center Provides Round-the-Clock, On-Campus Care

Crotched Mountain School's licensed health center provides 24-hour care for our residential students. Working in consultation with parents/guardians, each student's primary and specialty care doctors, our certified medical and nursing staff can address complex medical conditions, from g-tubes to Tardive dyskinesia, while providing compassionate care to each student. We also conduct student medical needs assessments and train education and residential staff on each student's specific medical protocols to promote health and safety. Our doctors and nurses are available to meet with parents/guardians, who are always included in any discussion about their child's health care.


On nights and weekends, health center nurses monitor residential students and administer medications. And an overnight nurse is on-call to respond to illness or injury.


Daytime Care

Our school nurse, working in tandem with the health center team, supervises the health of students during school hours. She meets with students who are ill or injured and, when necessary, coordinates medical care with our nurse practitioner; director of pediatric care; or our developmental pediatrician. Working with teachers, physicians and student families, the school nurse trains and oversees support professionals, administers medications and performs health care procedures such as tracheotomy suctioning, g- and j-tube feedings and maintenance of orthopedic devices; blood work is also drawn in the nurse's office.


The school nurse's office is open daily from 8:30am - 3:00pm.


Convenient Specialty Care

As an added convenience for families, Crotched Mountain School students can receive on-site dental care from a private dental hygienist during school hours, without having to leave campus. On-site psychiatric assessments are also available in a real-time school setting. For more information on these services, contact our admissions office.


Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital

Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital, part of the Crotched Mountain campus, is equipped to treat many types of diagnoses and complex medical conditions, and provides 24-hour medical care for medically fragile students. We provide a warm, welcoming environment for students to receive care while attending Crotched Mountain School during the day. During hospital stays, we encourage students to explore the grounds, swim, dance or participate in one of our many campus activities. Families are welcome to personalize and decorate their child's room to make it more comfortable and inviting.

For more information, please contact: 

Director of Admissions 
603.547.3311 ext. 1894 

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