Ventilator Management Program

Vent Management 

New Freedoms for Patients on Ventilators 

For patients who can't breathe on their own due to injury or illness, a ventilator (also called a respirator, or breathing machine) can be a lifeline. But being dependent on a respirator greatly restricts a patient's independence, affecting mobility, speech and the ability to eat.


The ventilator management program at Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital is designed to help patients with many levels of respiratory support needs. For some patients, this means getting well enough to be weaned off the ventilator. And for those who remain on the ventilator, it means living a more active, enjoyable life with the knowledge that you are being supported by a complete respiratory team.


Our team of specialists gets to know every patient as an individual with interests, talents, goals and health needs. We structure a complete program including skilled nursing, respiratory and other therapies along with a comprehensive program of activities.


Who We Serve

Crotched Mountain accepts a broad range of patients, including those who show potential for weaning from the ventilator and those who are unlikely to be weaned and need long-term care placement, offering them a wide range of therapies to improve their quality of life. Our patients require either short-term or permanent ventilator assistance due to progressive neuromuscular diseases, stroke, acute respiratory failure, trauma or acute illness. We offer three programs:


  • Stable ventilator management – for children and adults
  • Ventilator weaning – for children and adults
  • Respite services for children


Specialized Resources

Crotched Mountain provides a skilled level of care for patients who require long-term respiratory dependence on sophisticated technology in settings other than an acute care hospital.


We provide highly technical skilled respiratory services and nursing care to meet the intense level of respiratory needs for ventilator dependent residents 24/7. We provide quality specialty care for patients requiring a longer acute care recovery period. We specialize in the treatment of complex, acute and chronic conditions due to catastrophic illness or severe injury.


These specialized needs are addressed by a staff of respiratory therapists, nurses, social workers, etc., under the supervision of a qualified physician and interdisciplinary team at Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital.


Specializing in ventilator management, tracheostomy and airway care, our highly skilled medical staff includes respiratory therapists, skilled nursing with advanced training, and experienced physicians and nurse practitioners to care for all of our respiratory patients.


Our qualified team of respiratory therapists and pulmonary nursing staff provide specialty services that include:


  • Mechanical Ventilator Support
  • Non-Invasive Ventilator Support (CPAP/BIPAP)
  • Ventilator Management and Weaning
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Tracheotomy Maintenance/Care


Crotched Mountain is equipped with high performance, lightweight, and easily transportable ventilators, capable of ventilating the most difficult respiratory patient. The unit also is designed with a state of the art low pressure monitoring system, for the safety and security of our patients.


To facilitate communication and improve quality of life, our clinicians are trained in managing the Passy-Muir® Tracheotomy & Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve.


The Ventilator Management Team

Our expert interdisciplinary treatment team for ventilator-dependent patients comprises the full range of caring, highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, psychologists and other rehabilitation specialists needed to optimize our patients’ wellbeing.


We are supported by consulting pulmonologists and respiratory therapists from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center who provide training programs and clinical rounds, both on-site and through live, remote high-definition video conferencing.


Our ventilator management team consists of professionals and registered, licensed therapists in these fields:


  • Medical Director Program Oversight
  • APRN Program Leader
  • Pulmonary Nursing Staff
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Registered/Licensed Therapists in:

           Respiratory Care

           Physical Therapy

           Speech Therapy

           Occupational Therapy

           Therapeutic Recreation

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Nurse Case Manager
  • Psychologist
  • Chaplain
  • Other physician specialists, as needed


We also know that patients and their families are the most important team members of all. We work closely with them and keep them involved every step of the way.


Contact us to learn how our services can help with ventilator management: 

Nurse Referral Coordinator

603.547.3311 ext. 2010

Fax: 603.547.2431 

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