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When disability from aging, accident or illness make everyday tasks difficult – managing healthcare matters such as appointments and medications, and day-to-day activities like housekeeping, shopping, and paying bills – sometimes a little help is all a person needs to remain safe, independent and at home.

For over 25 years, Crotched Mountain Community Care, (CMCC) has helped seniors and people with disabilities throughout New Hampshire maintain their independence with care management services that bring peace of mind to clients and their families and loved ones. We can help if:


  • You are responsible for the care of a loved one, but separated by time, circumstance or geography
  • Would like advice from a qualified expert on the options available regarding healthcare, Medicare, social services or reimbursement
  • Need to find reputable, cost-effective care resources
  • Prefer to have a knowledgeable, understanding expert to act as an advocate, oversee care and handle problems as they arise


Care Management for Safety, Security and Well-Being

Our care management professionals will help you evaluate, plan and orchestrate all of the services needed to remain at home as an active and valued member of the community. We help you understand your options, make informed choices and connect with the services needed for independent living. Whether you need transportation to medical appointments, service from meals on wheels, visits from home health aides, or a variety of other independent living services, we coordinate and oversee each service on your behalf. Our goal is to bring order, peace and comfort so that you can focus on the activities that bring joy to your life.


Our care management services include:


  • Assessment of medical and personal needs
  • Recommendation of options available
  • Development of a personalized plan of care
  • Referrals to pre-screened agencies and community resources outlined in the care plan
  • Care coordination and advocacy with service providers to ensure that needs are met
  • Monitoring of the care plan
  • Communication with family members who live at a distance to keep everyone updated and informed
  • Assistance with applications and benefit management when necessary including state assistance programs


Our Staff

Learn more about the staff at Crotched Mountain Community Care.


Mailing Address and Directions

Crotched Mountain Community Care has locations throughout New Hamsphire. Visit our Contact Us page for our address and directions to our main office. 


To request our community care services, contact us at 603.431.3042 or

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