Assistive Technology

Asst Technology 

Enhancing Communication and Mobility 

Crotched Mountain School's certified assistive technology experts are adept at assessing each student's strengths and challenges to determine how technology can support their goals. Our experts work in tandem with our rehabilitation therapists to develop solutions to multiple challenges that our students face. We assess students' needs, recommend products, create custom solutions as needed and provide timely onsite equipment repair. With these supports, students are better positioned to learn and can maximize the benefits of their therapies.


Accessing the Curriculum

Assistive technology offers many tools and accommodations to access the curriculum in the classroom, in our Media Center or wherever a student is engaged in learning. At Crotched Mountain, accessible instructional materials are readily available and can be customized to meet the complex needs of any student. Assistive technologies – including apps for the iPad®, text to speech software, web readers and more – can address specific challenges and make learning meaningful for students. And adaptive keyboards and mouse alternatives like switches, joysticks and touch screen monitors address mobility challenges and improve access to computer-based learning activities.


Communications Solutions

A number of Crotched Mountain School students have limited verbal speech, yet communication is of fundamental importance. Our certified assistive technology experts and Speech-Language Pathologists help students achieve their educational goals and express their needs and desires through Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) technology. These may involve solutions as simple as laminated cards with picture symbols, as complex as computer-based voice output systems or as high-tech as eye-gaze technology. Every program is individually created to support a specific student.


Therapeutic Seating

Proper wheelchair seating is essential for students with physical challenges. It supports proper respiration, digestion, skin care and comfort. We assess and recommend appropriate therapeutic seating systems so students are well positioned, comfortable and able to focus on learning and interacting with others.


Environmental Controls

When students with complex physical challenges have difficulty controlling aspects of their environment, customized modifications can ensure access. We reposition switches for lighting, heating/cooling, television and electronics to accessible heights to meet the needs of each individual.


Independent Mobility Tools

Being independently mobile is an important goal more easily realized with technological advancements. From manual wheelchairs to power wheelchairs with head controls, we assess and recommend solutions to meet each student's mobility needs. And we provide timely onsite repair to wheelchairs and other mobility tools so students can continue to participate in school and therapies with as little interruption as possible.


Daily Living Supports

Assistive technology for daily living can enhance the independence, dignity and safety of students. These items may include special wheelchairs to use in the shower, adapted cooking utensils, shower grab bars, other safety devices and additional supports. We assess and identify the specific needs of students in the classroom, residences and hospital and provide appropriate daily living supports to ensure independence and safety. Our assistive technology practitioners take pride in helping our students utilize assistive technology that will enhance their daily life.


For more information about how Crotched Mountain School supports each student’s educational needs, please contact:  

Director of Admissions  

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